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Hi my name is Chipper, actually Chipper III and I have taken over website design (along with dad), as our website creator passed away in May of 2009. His name was Chipper II, named after Chipper I. More about our history later. I want to welcome you, (for our entire family), to our site. Our In Memory page is for those kitties that are gone, but not forgotten. So be sure to check out this page to see the inspirations for the creation of Kittycatsrule. Our motto here can be summed up in 4 letters,         . Not all humans will agree with that, but stop and think about it, dogs do drool, and where do you usually see the fine feline sleeping, verses where the dog sleeps! MEOW is right, dogs drool and cats rule, and that’s final!

We reside in Phoenix Arizona with Stephen and Connie. They are the ones who take care of us, and think they are our masters. We have them fooled in that area.

If you agree with us, or would just like to leave us a comment, please be sure to visit our contact page. You can also leave a Comment to Stephen and/or  Comment to Connie, to let them know how you feel. We need your support! Look around and enjoy yourself! Our photo albums have all been upgraded, and I think I have Dad lined up to keep posting new ones as we can get them taken. A little purring and a head bump, usually works, <grin> but don’t tell him that.

Be sure to check out my MEOW page for more information about me and our site features. You will also find some great tips for you kitty owners just starting out. Be sure to VOTE for our site below at some of our Top 100 Friends! Thanks for stopping by!


There are only a couple of pictures of Chipper I, who was a wild kitten taken in by our dad and mom. He lived 13 years and was very close to our dad. Our dad was devastated when he passed away, for he was his favorite cat out of 4. He was loved very much, but at that time, dad and mom were not taking many pictures, so these are a couple of the only pictures they have of him, that were taken the last days of his life. They were taken so Chipper could be remembered.

A little about Chipper, he went everywhere dad went, loved to sit on his lap, and always cuddled to his neck after breakfast, until dad had to leave for work. Dad would walk and pray, and Chipper would follow him around until he got picked up, so he could be carried by dad. Dad and Chip were best friends!

A few months after loosing Chipper, mom saw a small wild kitten outside her office window, (white with some black), so she called dad and told him about it. That Friday, mom and dad tried to catch him, but could not. The following week, during the day, the kitten got trapped away from his mom, while landscapers were there, and being afraid, he just let her pick him up and take him inside the office.

He was taken home and named Chipper II after, of course Chipper, and turned out to be a blessing! He brought life back into our home, and he and dad bonded and became best friends. Dad always said, Chipper II was a lot like Chipper I.

Chipper liked to spend time with dad, and because of the few pictures they had of Chipper I, dad decided to take a lot of pictures of Chipper II and his sister Chancey. This gave Chipper and dad the idea to start a website, and post the pictures for all to see. That was the beginning of Kittycatsrule. Chipper passed away in May of 2009, he was only 9 years old.

Chipper II

After the death of Chipper II, dad said he would watch for another kitten with the same coloring, and adopt him as Chipper III. Chipper II was such a blessing to them, they decided to keep the name alive by getting another Chipper, so after a couple of months, and their vacation, they decided to look on July 31 of 2009 for a kitten, and WALLA, here I am.

As you can see, my coloring is a lot like Chipper II, but we all have had black tails, and black on our heads, that’s been common ground. Me and Chipper II had the black spots added for a little different effect! Dad loves me though, I can tell. We are starting to bond real well. So enjoy our site, and be sure to view all the photo albums.

Chipper III The Three Chipper’s
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