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Our Kitties

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About Us

We are cat lovers, as you can see from our website. We have had kitties all of our married life, and my wife and I have been married for 43 years this June of 2014. We could tell you stories about our kitties going way back to the 70′s, and probable will post them at some point in time.  Our website is all about our kitties, and the fun things they do.

We started Kitty Cats Rule after the death of our Chipper, who was a feral cat we picked up as a kitten.  He was the greatest, but the day we discovered he was sick, and took him to the hospital, was the same day we had to hold him and have him put to sleep. You can see the only 2 pictures we have of him on our home page. So when my wife and I found a new kitten that looked a lot like him, we adopted him and named him Chipper II.  I decided I would take pictures of my kitties from that point on so I would always have happy memories and not just pictures of them on their death bed.

I decided I wanted to learn to design websites, so I was able to take some online courses at Barnes & Noble  online. Of course in taking a course like this you are going to build a website, so Kitty Cats Rule was born!

We love our kitties, both past and present, and we want the world to know them too! So you will always find pictures of our babies and stories to go along with many of them. We have also made it possible to send out free e-cards to your friends, so please stop by our e-card section and send one out today!

So, PLEASE give us your feedback on our website, with any comments, suggestions or questions. We want Kitty Cats Rule to be one of the best Cat sites on the net!  Help us to do that!