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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Our Boys

Welcome to the BOYS PAGE.  Check out a few of our pictures below, and be sure to click on one to see the larger images, you are going to love them! There are 5 of us boys now, and we have a blast around the house and office.  We’re in control, don’t let the girls tell you otherwise!  Mom and Dad manage a storage facility and they live on the property, so we go from the house to the office right through a door.  This gives us access to all of their customers, and 90% of them like us, and make special trips in just so they can say hi to us little, lovable and adorable kitties.

Be sure to check out each of our pages for some info on our what we do from day to day, and be sure to check out our photo albums, as each of us have our own, and then we even have several family albums with lots of pictures to look at.

Group Hug With Chipper, Chat & Cheeto

Cheeta & Cheeto Napping At The Computer

Chipper & Cheeto Cuddling On The Printer

Chipper & Cheeto Sleeping In The Office

Office Duty For The Boys, Chipper, Cheeta & Cheeto

Chipper & Cheeta Cuddling On Top Bunk