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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

In Memory Of Chancey

We’re glad you stopped by. Chancey passed away in September of 2009. Chancey was our only girl kitty. When we picked up Chipper II, we looked at some other kittens, and fell in love with Chancey, even though she was a girl! When Chipper started the website, he said Chancey could have a page too. So here you are. Chancey had her quirks, like having to have milk every morning. Chancey was not as active as her brother, but she was a lady! You will notice that she had some good things going though. Be sure to click the photo’s you like for a bigger picture and be sure to check out her photo albums.

Star Gazing

This is her watching those shooting stars on the ceiling. We used a flashlight to create them for her, and she would go through the motions following them as they moved! She enjoyed it, but I think she knew we got more out of it than her!

Got My Attention

She is really getting into it here. We got her attention and were telling our company to watch her. She would never admit it, but she did have a lot of fun doing this. I think she liked the look on our faces, and the big smiles!

Reach For The Stars

She is really having a lot of fun chasing the lights on the ceiling, you would too, if you could see them. This is her best pose, kind of like Chips Two Step. Kept her trim and fit, I think we all should be doing it!

Play Time With Dad

Study Time

Do you see the pile of books she’s resting on? You got it, that’s all her study material. Chipper was the designer of the website, Dad had to type it all in, but guess who’s had the “Know How”! Yep, if you said it was her, you were right!

Speech Class

She took speech class too, so she could better present herself to others. She was learning how to get the point across in a shorter period of time, and how to do it effectively and it helped break her shyness too!

Day Dreaming

This was one of her things, she enjoyed a little day dreaming. You should try it too, just make sure you’re not driving when you do it! Helps you get things in focus. She said life could be tuff sometimes when you were a feline. OK, cat, is that better!

Some Of Her Activities Her More Recent Activities.

Office Duty

Here she was on office duty, so she had to watch the customers come and go! The boys were always off playing instead of working! They were the friendly ones, she didn’t like greeting the customers, she preferred to hide instead. Made for a long day though!

Watching For Customers

During a slow day, she would just sit by the window and watch the cars go by, hoping for a customer or 2. She also liked looking at her reflection in the window, Pretty, don’t you think? She was a good worker.

Just Relaxing After A Hard Day

After a hard day at the office, she really enjoyed a long nap on the front room floor! The carpet was so comfy for her. You could usually find her on the carpet somewhere during the day. By the way, she didn’t snore either, that’s what dogs do, not her!