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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

I’m Chanci, One Of The New Gals.

Hi I’m Chanci, and I want to let you know that my sisters is full of ?, awe, well, something good, anyway I want you to know that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.  I’m the smarter one, and I use my brain, instead of my size, so I just sit back and let her think she is queen, all the while I’m telling her what to do and say, and we are getting things done just fine, and getting along just fine. We have the wool pulled over the boys eyes, so they don’t even see us coming, (not sure what that means, but have heard it said). My sister and I are very happy to be here, and as my sister said, it was funny when they realized we were both girls.  We did have 1 person in the house who was excited about it, and that was Mom, she said she needed moral support, as it was 7 boys to 1 girl, before we came and now it’s 7 to 3.  Believe me 3 is all we need to control what goes on around here, Right Girls?

Love To Play

I love to play with things, all the time. I enjoy these things with a ball inside that I can bat all day if I want, and it never gets lost under something.  I seem to loose so many toys, it isn’t funny, but with these round things, the ball is always there, and it’s a blast, you should try it sometime.

Perfect Lady

Ok, now you can see here that I was the perfect lady when I was young, and of course nothing has changed.  I have just gotten bigger and smarter. Such an lovable sweet thing.

Games To Play

I really like the game of hide and seek, and also Peek-a-boo. I’m playing peek a boo with dad in this picture, and it is so much fun.  When peek-a-boo doesn’t work, I like to play hide and seek, and I can hide so well, that they give up trying to find me.


I love to climb, and with all the kitty trees we have around the house, you can have some fun.  The one I’m on here is about 4 feet away from 2 others, that I can jump from one to the other, sometimes, I don’t quite make it, as in this picture, and I have to climb the rest of the way up.

High Jump

I also enjoy the high jump, jumping high to reach those flying things, that are so tempting.  I’m beating my big sister in this shot getting to the mouse first. My jumps are beautiful as you can see.

Water Catching

Another activity I enjoy, is trying to catch that darn water as it’s coming out of that long thing on the sink. I even get the benefit of a drink every time I have to lick the water off my paws. This is a great pass time, you all should try sometime.

Some Of My Activities I Want To Be A Model

Great Pose

Here is one great shot of an up and coming model. This is a desire of mine to one day model for some kitty cat things! So I’m putting together my portfolio, with some great poses, so I can get a great job when I get older.

Sun Bathing

Here is a great pose of my lying in the son, makes for one sexy photo, don’t you think? Check out those sleek curves, and that form, I think I’m almost there.

Tree Pose

I’m posing in this one on one of the arms of a cat tree near the kitchen.  This is one of the trees I like to jump between, so I’m thinking a shot of me in mid air going from one to the other, would be the one to settle the deal, just can’t get dad to get the picture.

Resting Places

Anywhere Will Do

I love my cat naps, and I can do them just about anywhere.  Even the tile floor can be comfortable as you can see in this picture. It doesn’t seem to bother me when I’m resting on something that is very hard. It fact sometimes the cool floor is amazing.

The Blanket

I love sleeping on blankets where ever they may be. In this picture I’m resting on dads lap blanket he uses when he is watching TV.  Sometimes I can even get under it, and get half of my body covered over, that’s great too.

The Cushion

Dad has this chair cushion that he uses sometime on his computer chair, and sometimes he just puts in on the floor. Well, when it’s on the floor it’s fair game, and I make sure I get to it first.  He just doesn’t do it often enough.

Baby Pictures