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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

I’m Charli, One Of The New Gals!

Move over boys, there are 2 new girls in the house!  We don’t plan on hearing those words, “King of the roost”, any more, it’s going to be “QUEEN OF THE ROOST”! My sister and I are the new kids on the block now, and being girls, we have control.  Let me tell you the story quick how we got here, Mom and Dads daughter and her husband bought us for them for Christmas, the lady she bought them from gave her 2 boys, because that’s what DAD always wanted.  Well we pulled one over their eyes, cause after a couple of weeks, Dad said, these aren’t boys, they’re girls! Anyway, we had such an impact on everyone, they couldn’t get rid of us, we are so loveable!  I’m a little bigger than my sister, as I was born a week before her, seems our mom gave birth to 2 kittens, and 1 week later gave birth to 2 more, for a total of 4 kittens.  Well I was one from the first 2 and my sister Chanci was from the second 2, so I’m a little bigger, and of course that makes me the boss.

Take a look at our new site, the old one needed some sprucing up and a girls touch! We are even going to be blogging, not sure what about, but something. Stop by often, as we are going to be making lots of changes.

Office File Cabinet

I can nap just about anywhere, and anytime, kind of like my new mom, who loves her Sunday naps.  I have spent some time napping with her even.  I’m resting on the filing cabinet in the office. A little noisy but I can handle it.

The Rocker Recliner

This is one of my favorite spots to nap, and yes it is in the office too, I like to be near everyone, feel more secure that way. I got so comfy here, I turned over on my back and exposed my belly. Have to be careful of this, because Dad likes to rub bellies, and he gets me every time.

Block Out The Noise

I’ve pressed my head pretty tight here, so the noise doesn’t bother me.  Sometimes there gets to be too many people in the office, and some of them talk really loud, so this action is necessary.

Office Duty

I can’t say that I mind this activity, because I enjoy getting petted by all the customers that come in. Chipper my big brother, is on the counter getting attention all the time, even when it’s not his turn for duty. So I do my job when it’s my turn. Customers like when there is more than one of us out there.

High Jump

I love to play and jump at things when they are over my head.  Everyone loves to swing toys up high so we go after them.  I’m trying here to impress my brother and sister here, but the two of them aren’t even paying attention.  SUCH a great catch and no one to admire it.


Yes I got busted here, but I can’t help myself, I love to eat.  It’s not good when you get done eating something or licking something your not suppose to have, and then Mom or Dad come along and catch you.  This was even more embarrassing as Dad got a photo, no way of talking my way out of this one.

Some Of My Activities I Like It On Top

Top Bunk Kitchen

You may notice that I like to be at the top of things, and this is one of my spots to be when I’m in the kitchen. We have cat trees all over the house, and this one is in the kitchen next to the counter.  Great for seeing what’s cooking, and when I can sneak a snack.

Top Bunk Living Room

We have several kitty trees in the living room, and this one is a great one to be in, because it’s near the corner.  The one right in the corner has my brother Cheeto in it, as you can see here.  I’m very comfy though, and I can see when anyone is approaching.

Top Bunk Office

There is a cat tree in our office, and it is right next to the filing cabinet, where I like to nap, but this spot is almost a foot higher, so I’m Queen of the hill when I’m up here.  I have to fight for this one sometimes, because it is a very popular place.

Got My Attention

I’m All Ears

Well, you woke me up for some reason, what’s up? You have my full attention so get on with it. I think you just enjoy petting me enough to wake me up then you walk away.  I was very small here so I got up  in response to petting.

I’m Listening

Ok, you have my attention.  As we get older we get smarter, so now when they wake me with a pet as they walk by, I just lift my head up to see what the commotion was, and then I can lay it back down after they walk away.  So nice now, get comfy stay comfy.

Not Listening

There are them times, when they do it once to often, and I just put my ears back, and pretend I’m not listening, of course I hear everything that is going on. Don’t bother me though, I’m comfy.

Gotta Love A Good Nap