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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Chat The Cool Cat!

Hi, my name is Chat, I used to be the new cat on the block, or correctly speaking, in the house!  I was a Christmas present for my Dad, from his daughter. She didn’t like the other cats, or I should say, the other cats didn’t like her, because she’s brings the Grandchildren over.  I think they’re pretty cool! Anyway, she wanted a cat to hold when she comes over, so Walla, here I am. But now after Chipper II passing away, we now have a new kid, Chipper III. Gotta say, looks just like the other Chipper, except, I’m the boss now! <GRIN> Be sure to check out my photo albums.

The Perfect Belly

Here is a kitten picture of me sleeping with the most gorgeous belly face up that you could want! Of course it had to have a hernia on it, so I had to go in for surgery to have it removed, along with my manhood! Boo Hoo!

After Surgery

Here is a close-up of my beautiful belly after surgery, you can see they shaved me, pretty embarrassing, but you have to do what you have to do. It’s grown back pretty good already. Don’t cry, I’m alright!!!

Sun Bathing

Here I was trying to get that nice warm sun to warm up my belly, where the stitches were, and of course you can see that after I fell asleep the sun moved, and all my belly got was shade from the light pole outside the office.

Office Sitting

I love spending time with Mom and Dad in the office! Here I’m sitting on the office stool, which they put next to the filing cabinets, (makes it easy for us to get on top of them). I get a great view of the office and the customers that come in. I love getting attention from them.

Rest Time

This is a great place to get some rest! It’s on the back of the love seat recliner, where my dad sits, to watch TV. I get to be real close to him when he is there. Other times like this one here, I’m just napping here without anyone around.

Computer Time

I was trying to help out Dad on the computer, but every time I try to watch, and give my 2 cents worth, I fall asleep. Oh well, I just like being by him, you see now, he has me on a TV tray next to the computer, so he has more desk space, Can you believe it?

Favorite Pass Times Who’s The Boss Here?

Outgoing Mail

When Chipper III first showed up, I decided to leave, I didn’t want to deal with some new kid! I got into the out going mail bin, but the mail lady wouldn’t take me, she said I had to stay and face up to it like a man, or more like TOMCAT!

Take Action

Here’s where I started to take things into my own hands, and I decided to show the new kid who was boss! Doesn’t take much to get him down, he is just a little thing. I out weigh him by 12 lbs.

Submission Time

Dad and Mom keep yelling at me to get off Chipper, but sometimes what they don’t know, won’t hurt them. This is one of them times, where I had subdued Chipper into submission! It felt sooooooo goooood!

Chat’s Activities

Printer Sitting

Being the oldest is sometimes not always the best thing. For my office duty, I get to printer sit, but I have to admit, it’s not so bad, as most of the time, they print to the other printer, and I get to nap back here! Please don’t tell!

Coffee Duty

I have coffee duty sometimes and I really don’t mind this one, as right above the coffee maker is where the treats are stored. Just a few meows, and some of those looks, and someone gives in and gives me a treat. Sometimes by more than one!

Baby Sitting

Baby sitting can be a drag sometimes, but when someone starts the flying toys going, and the little ones join in, it gives me a chance to get involved. They don’t play with me much, they think I’m to old. But I’m showing them here!

Pain & Suffering As A Kitten<GRIN>