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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Our Time With Chaz

We will miss Chaz around here, he was adopted from the Humane Society. When mom went to get herself a new kitten, she came home with 2, yes that’s right TWO! She said the Humane Society had a half price day, so she was able to get 2 for the price of one! What a deal!  Chaz lived with us for over 3 years, a lot of that time with 3 brothers. When brother 5 and 6 came into the picture, Chaz begin to change, and when the 2 new girls showed up this last Christmas, he couldn’t handle it, and was getting into all sorts of fights, because he had such a problem making up to the last 4 kitties. We unfortunately had to give him away to keep peace in the house. Check out his photo albums to see his time with us, and be sure to see all the family pictures too. Be sure to click on the photo’s for a larger view.

Look Like WHAT

I’m very upset! Someone looked at this picture of me, and said I look like a rat! I don’t think I look like a rat here, I’m adorable! Look at me closely, and you will see, the cutest little guy you ever seen.

Getting Acquainted

I’m spending some quality time with my dad, while he is working on his computer. If you look at all the pictures you will see that this is a hot spot, we all like to sleep here, or on the TV tray that sets next to his computer.

Looking Good

I’m trying to decide what I want to do with my life, so I have to try out different things. I’ve heard that modeling can be very fulfilling, but after posing like this for sometime, I decided it was not my cup of tea!

Baby Pictures

On My Back

I found the best spot to rest on my back, but it’s not available very often. You have to move the coffee table up against the love seat, and pile a couple of blankets across the two. This makes a nice dent to curl up in and sleep.

The Hanger

Here I’ve got a red blanket just clumped up on the couch, and then I curl up right in the middle of them. The main thing is to have room to dangle your leg over the edge. That’s the key to a great afternoon sleep.

The Tree Top

I have to tell you this, but don’t let anyone else know, that cat trees are some of the best places to get a great days sleep. You have to be careful, because everyone likes to sleep up high, so it’s first come first served! OK, or just join them, see below!

My Sleeping Places Some Activities

Couch Jumping

I’ve found a place I enjoy very much, and that is Mom and Dads couch! I’m using it here like a trampoline, and it’s a lot of fun. Yes they are inspiring me to jump with a flying toy, but still I prefer to do it on the couch, verses the floor.


The couch makes a great place to dance, as it is very gentle on the paws! Here I’m practicing some of my dance moves, and it’s suppose to be a secret, but Dad caught me on camera, and of course now it’s for all to see.

Resting On Top Bunk

You’ve probably heard a lot about the top bunks in our kitty trees, well even with the new trees, there are still some preferred spots, one of which is the office cat tree top bunk. Here I have it for a while, and I’m going to enjoy my time.