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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Hi, I’m Cheeta, One Of The Newest Boys!

I’m glad you stopped by, I’m Cheeta. one of the new kids around here. I’m the cutest one around here, and I’m Dads favorite, so  be sure to check out my photo albums to see all my pictures and be sure to stop by often. Don’t worry, I’ll keep Dad on his toes, so he keeps up the picture taking!  Be sure to visit all of our pages, to see pictures of our entire family! Dad and Mom adopted me from Noah’s Ark Pet Adoptions, a wonderful place where I was treated well, so please check out their website, and adopt a pet today! Be sure to click on the photo’s for a larger view.

High Jumping

Here I’m practicing the high jump, as I chase after the flying toys. This is one of Dad’s favorite activities, so I have to play along with him. I know it makes him laugh and I enjoy it too, so why not. Dad always feels better afterwards.

Back Flips

Here is a very good shot of me doing one of my back flips. Dad and the grandchildren, can keep me occupied for hours, well ok, maybe I tire out after 10 minutes, but I still have fun, and Dad loves to take pictures of me doing it.

Flying Lessons

I have fallen in love with flying, it’s so invigorating! If you haven’t learned to fly yet, you should take some lessons. I don’t go to high up yet, but I’m getting the hang of it, and it’s the best feeling ever, gliding through the air.

Ready To Pounce

I have to be ready for anything around the house, with 5 other kitties here. We have these great little scratching posts, that make for a great place to attack from. Here I’m ready to pounce as soon as one of my new brothers goes by.

Just Try It

I’m ready for anything here, just waiting for Mom or Dad to throw a toy, or flip the flying toy at me. I’m very attentive, and always ready for action, just have to wait on them sometimes, and that can be frustrating at times.

Got My Eye On You

I have found that they don’t even know when I’m watching them. They think I’m so cute, I can get away with almost anything. Look at that face, wouldn’t you do just about anything for me with that puppy dog face looking at you! Whoops, I mean that kitty cat face!

Keeping Watch Resting Places

Soft Spot

I’m a sucker for a soft spot, and this one cat tree has soft leopard material for the bottom, and it’s makes for a great place to nap. You have to try it out sometime, it is so soft! It has to be my favorite spot to take a quick nap.

The Quiet

Sometimes there’s just to much going on around here, you just have to get away, so I head over to the cat tree with the little house. Much more quiet there, until Dad comes around with the camera for pictures, but hey, when they’re of me, wow, what can I say

Top Bunk

It can be very hard to get the top bunk on a cat tree, with six kitties around, but here I’m enjoying the top bunk in one of our many trees. That’s right trees, Dad and Mom got 4 new trees, located in different areas downstairs, so we still fight over the best spots!

My Education

Reading Class

Why sometimes, do we have to go to a class to learn about something, that we already know about! I’m a kitten, so why do I need to read a book called “The Everything Cat Book”? Dad says you have to read books, that teach you how to become an adult.

Speech Class

Speech Class, now I have to say it isn’t quite as bad as the rest. I get to create my own topics, and write my own speeches, then make my presentation. We even get to act out or speeches, like being in a play. Doing Shakespeare here!

Computer Class

I love my Dad and all, but computer classes, what’s next! You can see here what happens when Dad tries to teach me about the computer. He even tries to get me to play some games with him, but with the same results.

My Activities