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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Hi, I’m Cheeto, One Of The Newest Boys!

I’m glad you stopped by, I’m Cheeto, one of the new kids here. I’m letting you know now, that I’m keeping close watch on what goes on around here, especially the updating of our website. I’m going to see that more pictures of me get posted here. So be sure to check out my photo albums and stop by often. Be sure to visit all of our pages, to see pictures of our entire family! Dad and Mom adopted me from Noah’s Ark Pet Adoptions, a wonderful place where I was treated well, so please check out their website, and adopt a pet today! Be sure to click on the photo’s for a larger view.


One of my favorite things to do, is to fly like a bird, well ok, I just make it look like I’m flying, pretty cool huh? It’s a great pass time, and with the great flying toys Mom and dad have, I get lots of opportunity to act like I’m flying.

Showing Off

Here I’m showing my brother how it’s done, I know he’s impressed, you can tell by his look! I’m a great toy catcher, but this one just got away before I could get it. Actually playing leap frog here, makes you wonder how they do it!

In Action

Them toys on a rope are quite fascinating, and I have to admit a lot of fun to play with. Here you see me in action as I jump and chase after them. Mom and Dad get so excited when we do it, so it’s usually a daily function, and I love to see them smile!

Watching Over Brother

Here I’m keeping watch over my brother while he naps. Sometimes he just needs some quiet time, so I stand guard over him, so the other kitties don’t bother him. I’m so sweet, but don’t worry, I get him to do it for me sometimes too.

I Know It’s You

Here I’m on the bed watching Dad play, he doesn’t think I know he’ the one that is moving the little toy on the rope. Got to admit, it’s really funny watching him play, He doesn’t know I know that it’s him moving the little ball.

Got My Eye On You

I have to keep my eyes on everyone around, lots of people around and then there are those 4 big cats that seem to like to bug me! Just because I’m small doesn’t mean they can bat me around all the time! I’ve got my eye on them..

Keeping Watch Time To Rest

Alone Time

This kitty tree top by the window is a great play to be alone. Usually the one who has this spot gets some time alone. Doesn’t always work that way, but most of the time. Here I’m posing for Dad so he can have more pictures of me.

Great Nap Spot

Here is a great spot for a nap, and with all the kitty trees we have in the house, there is always an open spot on the top of one of them. Mom and Dad just brought home 2 more kitty trees for us all, so won’t be any problems now. Great Job!.

So Cute

This little house is so great to take a nap in, or just to play around in. Dad thinks it’s so cute when we’re in here, he gets out the camera and takes pictures. I just love to play along and make cute poses, he giggles when I do!

Playing With Dad

Cheeto Thinking

Sometimes Dad needs help with his Rift Game, so he asks me to give him my opinion! Well here you see me looking things over while I try and concentrate, so I can give him the best advice ever. Pretty cool game!

Cheeto’s Idea

After some serious thinking, I came up with a great idea, and of course I get really excited about it as you can tell here. My excitement really helps Dad to know that what I’m about to tell him is the absolute best advice ever!

Cheeto’s Pick

This is where Dad comes in, you can see that I have made my choice and after showing it to Dad, he has to take over and actually make the choice in the game. The advice and the correct choice have been given and he acts on it.

I’m A Player