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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Hi, I’m Chester!

Hello my name is Chester, I’m one of the new kids here. I was adopted from the Humane Society. Mom told me she went to get herself a kitten, and came home with 2, me and Chaz. She told me the Humane Society had a half price day, and she was able to get both of us for what she would pay for one! I think she could have saved money and only come home with me. I guess I shouldn’t have wished that so much, because Chaz has moved on, as he couldn’t get along with everyone.  I was sorry to see him go, weeellll, ok maybe!  I love my new home, and my new brothers and now sisters. Check out my photo albums for lots of interesting pictures of me, and be sure to check out my brothers and sisters pages as well. Be sure to click on the photo’s for a larger view.

Love to sleep

Mom and Dad have these cool blankets, and they fold them up and lay them on the couch or love seat, and boy do they make a great place to curl up and sleep. As a youngster I did a lot of that, sleeping. OK, I still do a lot of it!

Picked On A Lot

When I first come home, everyone seemed to love me, but they always had to mention I had big ears! Kind of gives you a complex, know what I mean? As I’ve grown, my ears seem to have stayed the same size, and it doesn’t notice anymore!.

Keeping Watch!

I’m positioned for a quick run if necessary, while I’m learning a little about how the office is run! As you can see, I’m kind of hidden a little bit, while I check things out. Never know what goes on in a new home, or office.

The Box

Here is a classic example of one of my pass times, fitting into boxes, no matter how small or large. This one was a little small, but not a problem for me. Box climbing is fun and when you’re in, you get to nap!

Mom’s Computing

I have a good time working with Mom, even if she says my feet get in the way sometimes. I enjoy helping out, while she works or as in the photo playing her games! You never know when they need someone to pet! We are a houseful of petters, and I like to be handy.

Dad’s Computing

It’s a lot of fun to nap by dad, while he is on the computer, but sometimes it’s hard to get there! It seems as though all the kitties around here like to sleep by his keyboard. He likes touching us, and rubbing our bellies, not too bad!

Some Favorite Activities. Sleeping Times

Sleeping On TV Tray

It seems as though dad needs more room by his computer, so he put up a TV tray right next to him, giving us a place to sleep and still be close to him. Turned out to be a really great idea. Great place for sound sleep!

On The Couch

Of course the couch is a wonderful place for naps, seems like you can never have too much room to roll around in. The sides of the couch always make a great place to snuggle up too. In positions like this you need some support!

Sleeping By Mom

Here we are again sleeping next to mom while she is on the computer, playing games. Her and dad love Rift, although dad has been spending more time on website development. As you can see I’m really relaxed here, love sleeping on my back!

Chester’s Activities

Private Time

With so many kitties in the house now, sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to be alone, but here you see me in my favorite hiding place, under Dad’s key cutting machine. I get a great view of outside here too.

On The Fly

Can’t let the little guys in the house have all the fun, so sometimes we just have to take it into our own paws, and take the lead and jump at the flying toys, even if it means pushing the little guys out of the way. Great shot here of me flying!

On Top Bunk

I’m sure you’ve already heard, but I’m going to tell you too, Dad and Mom bought us 2 more cat trees, so now we have several all over the downstairs, making it easier to get the top bunk. I like this one, as it’s in the office and you get a great view of outside.

Some Baby Pictures