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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

In Memory of Chipper II

We’re glad you stopped by, Our Chipper II passed away In May of 2009. He was the main reason this site was designed, he was our inspiration, so I hope you enjoy all of our memories of him. Check out his photo albums, for a complete look into his life. You will notice that he was a very active kitty and that he also enjoyed a lot of relaxation. From the house to the office, he was always hanging out with us. Check out all our kitty pages while you are here. Thanks

High jumping.

Chipped liked working out! Here you see him working on his high jump. He actually was trying to catch a flying mouse. Ever heard of a flying mouse, me either, but if you look close you’ll see it next to his head!

The Twist.

Chipper like to dance, here you will notice that he’s doing the Twist, I know it’s an old dance, but he likes the way you have to move, so he always gave it his best shot. Good exercise anyway!

His 2 step

His favorite dance was the 2 Step, which he was quite good at. He sang while he did it, and it was quite easy. You should try it too, “ONE TWO CHA CHA CHA, THREE FOUR CHA CHA CHA”. Yup it’s that easy.

His Activities

At Peace.

He slept like this when he was feeling peaceful, that’s why the name. This love seat was his favorite for sleeping, as you will notice in these pictures. Of course we had to keep moving him when we wanted to sit down!

The L Shape.

In this one, he’s making an L, as it was good on the back, kept it from getting stiff. he always liked to get a good stretch when in this position. You will also notice he was mostly a back sleeper, as that was the way he got the best sleep.

Buried Head.

Again another good position, yes on his back, but you will notice he has his head buried in this one. Helps with the distractions always going on in the house. Try it sometime you may like it

Sleeping Positions Things We Miss About Chip!

His Style

Chipper had such a style about him, he could sleep in positions only you and I could dream about! He loved attention, and as you see here, was just waiting for a hug! He loved to just hang around us.

Snack Time!

One thing we miss is buying all those plants, he liked to eat! The fern was one of his favorites, and he loved spider plants too! We always had to have several plants in flower pots in the office for him to chew on.

His Belly Rubs!

Chipper loved to just come and lay buy my keyboard, while I was working, and roll over so he could get his belly rubbed. This had become a daily routine for us, and I grew to expect it everyday. I miss those belly rubs!