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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Hi, My Name Is Chipper

I’m glad you stopped by, I’m Chipper III, named after Chipper II, the creator of Kittycatsrule website. I’ve decided with dads help, to continue updating the website, with photos and fun things. Be sure to stop by often. Be sure to check out all my photo albums, and be sure to visit all of our other pages, to see pictures of my entire family! Dad and Mom adopted me from Citizens For North Phoenix Strays, a wonderful place where I was treated well, so please check out their website, and adopt a pet today! Be sure to click on the photo’s for a larger view.

Chipper Being Pinned By Chat

Here I’m being welcomed to my new home by Chat, the dominant male cat, (for now)! He likes to push his way around because he thinks he is tough, but I’ll show him. He picks on me all the time, and I’ve gotten used to it.

Chat Beating On Chipper

Here you see Chat trying to beat the tar out of me, but what he doesn’t know, is I can take a lot more than he can dish out! I’m let him do this and when he least expects it, I’m going to take him down.

Payback By Chipper

It’s payback time! I told you I’d get him! When I can find him sleeping, I just curl up next to him, and I very calmly lick him a few times, and when he least expects it, I nail that ear with my teeth! Boy oh boy, and I get him good, this way!

Resting In Office

I love to rest in the office on top of the filing cabinets! This has become one of our favorite resting places in the whole house. It’s right by the windows, and the sun shines in nice, keeps me warm! It’s a great spot!

Great Sleeping Pose

The top bunk of one of our cat trees, is a real nice place to rest too. You can just roll around, and the sides of the bed keep you in place, it’s wonderful. I’m trying to get dad to buy a couple more trees.

Resting Together In Office

Hard to believe, but we are getting used to each other, and come to find out, he likes resting on top of the filing cabinets too! OK, I have to admit, I followed him there, and found the spot, so he is letting me share it.

My Resting Positions Play Times

Scratch And Play

This was Chat’s scratching post and play center, but he never used it, and he was declawed, where as I’m keeping my claws, dad said it was ok, as long as I played and used the scratching post! I’m doing good too!

Love This Place

Got to love this thing, I can hide here and then attack the other family members when they go by! It’s pretty neat, has a nice toy that dangles from it. It can occupy a lot of your time very easily.

Boxing Lessons

Dad is giving me lessons on boxing. I’m getting pretty good now. We spent a lot of the day at this, and I think I can take anyone in the house now. They all run when I come at them, feels really good!

Chip’s Activities

Showing Off

Check out that Dino right behind me, Dad bought it to intimidate us! He’s had it walking and growling on the floor, trying to chase us with it. Well, I’m showing him here that I’m not bothered by it. I’m just ignoring it’s there!

Intercom Duty

Sometimes Dad goes a little to far, and gives us a job to do! Here he has me on intercom duty! You ever try and talk to someone who don’t like cats? This is not a favorite job for me, I like office duty, which consists of napping on the file cabinets!

Wanting In

I’m sure you have seen the new kids by now, well, they seem to take up all the play time around here. Everyone is worn out playing with them, so here you see me trying to get in on the action, when they were chasing flying toys.

Getting Along