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Our Kitties

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Kitty Facts

Chipper II & Chancey With Mom & Dad

Here we are, the family that created kittycatsrule, all together in one (OLD) picture! We were a very happy family, but I’m sorry to say, Chipper and Chancey have both passed away! It’s been a great loss. Be sure to check out our In Memory page, to learn more about them. Chipper was the inspiration for the creation of kittycatsrule.com. So Chipper III, will be trying to fill in, along with me, dad, to keep the site up to date with photo’s.

Chipper III, Chat, Chester and Chaz Together!

Here is a more current family picture with all four of the kitties we had at that time, Chipper, Chat, Chester and Chaz. We left mom and dad out, they’re not much to look at anyway. We were chasing that little red dot that shows up every once in a while. Keeps us all pretty busy, but we can never seem to catch it. We’re a big family now, and we all love to cuddle and play together, as you will be able to see in some of the pictures.

Cheeta and Cheeto, the New Kids

Here are 2 of the latest additions to the family, Cheeta, (he’s on the left) and Cheeto, (on the right)! They were adopted from Noah’s Ark Pet Adoptions, a wonderful place to adopt your new pet from! With 4 other cats, you probably wonder why we got 2 more, well, Mom gets email adoption ads all the time, and she saw a picture of Cheeta, and loved it, showed it to Dad, and then they watched a video, which showed him with his brother, and of course Dad says you can’t separate them they are brothers, and here we are!


Here you see part of our family, all helping dad out while he is working or playing on the computer! Not sure which at this time. You will notice that I put a lot of faith in what dad does, whether working or playing, because I can rest with confidence he’s doing a good job.

After Play Time.

Of course after we all play for a while, we need to take a siesta. As you have seen in many pictures any chair is a good resting place, and here you see we chose the same chair. Not a problem, always room for three.

Whats Up?

Here you see three of us very attentive, waiting to see what’s going to happen next! We have our ears perked up, listening for dinner dishes to rattle, or watching to see if the laser light comes out for us to play with. Never know with Dad!

Family Times

Proof Reading

Here you can see Chipper II at work proof reading while I worked on the site. He always said I complained about how hard it was to work with him in my lap, with a paw over my hand. Chip said he had to do it to keep me from making mistakes.


Sometimes Chipper had to just get up and sit on the keyboard, so he could do some editing of the work already done. He said I kept trying to slip in some of my own ideas, and we couldn’t have that, or we wouldn’t be able to call our site Kittycatsrule!


After many hours of working on the site, Chipper would come and spend some quality time with me, said he had to do it to appease me, or I wouldn’t do the work for him. We got along real good, we were pals! It was funny because we said that about each other!

Website Creation

Play Time for Two.

Here you have me and my older brother playing! He looks like he is dominating, but I’m just letting him. I can take him down anytime I want too. Actually if you check out my page you can see some of my moves.

The Other Two

Here we have the new kids playing together. They see us play, then they go in and do the same thing, like copy cats! Oh, I wonder where that quote came from? They have fun together, then we switch off and play with each other.

Treat Time or Dinner?

Here’s the whole group of us waiting, yes I said waiting again, for dad to get us a treat! This is what takes place at treat time and at breakfast and dinner! He likes to make us wait on him, makes him thing he’s needed!

Some Activities

Chat & His Bud Chip

Here I am with Chat, he’s the oldest around her, he has his arm around me, we are best buds! He took me under his wing when I first came, and showed me the ropes. Now it’s my turn to do the same with the new kids!

Chip & His Bud Cheeto

Here I am with Cheeto, enjoying a little nap. This little guy keeps me going, and makes me think back to when Chat took me in. I feel bad for all the stuff I put Chat through when I first came, I guess it’s pay back time for me.

Chip & His Bud Cheeta

Here I am with Cheeta, he’s got me pinned down here, telling me all about his day. I don’t remember being this active when I was his age. Now I really feel bad for Chat, and what I put him through. I hope they grow up real soon!

Best Buds