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Our Kitties

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Our Girls

Charli and Chanci welcome you to the GIRLS PAGE!  We read what the boys wrote, ok, Dad read us what the boys wrote, and they are full of the stinky stuff. Since my sister and I got here things have changed!  For one thing check out this new website, isn’t it pretty amazing?  I know our new Dad worked really hard to hand code the first one, (what ever that means), but we have to keep up with the times, and we have to look pretty, so we can attract  the ladies out there.  I have to admit that we haven’t done a whole lot, other than to get Dad motivated into redesigning Kitty Cats Rule.

He may have done a lot of the work, but we girls are the inspiration for this work.  We haven’t given him much chance to rest, you can even ask Mom about that, cause we wanted him to get the site done.  Well, at least to where he thinks it is done.  We girls have some plans, so things will be changing off and on, so come back often.

Click on the pictures below for a larger view, and be sure to check out our pages and our galleries, as Dad will be adding more pictures as he can get us to pose for them.  We trying to get him to carry the camera everywhere he goes around the house and office, never know when there will be a good shot.

Charli & Chanci Like Working Together

Charli Ready To Pounce & Charli Standing By

We're Ready, Don't Want To Miss Anything

Charli & Chanci Making The Best Of It In A Box

Charli & Chanci In The Bed We Got For Christmas

Charli & Chanci Curled Up Togther