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Kitty Facts

Chipper II

Chipper II, right top, was the main inspiration for kittycatsrule, because after having no pictures of Chipper I when he died, I decided that would not be the case for Chipper II. After taking many pictures of Chipper II and lots of pictures of our girl kitty Chancey, we decided to make the pictures available for all to see, and the stories behind them. Chipper II was the motivation and definitely partial creator of this site.

Chipper II passed away in May of 2009, and we want all to see what kind of a kitty he was. So we still have a page here at Kittycatsrule for all to see. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten! Check out Chipper II’s Page , to share in the joy of our memories.


Chancey was a girl kitty, which we don’t normally have around here because we like boy kitties, but when we saw her as a kitten, we thought she was beautiful and couldn’t help but take her home. We got her the same week we took in Chipper II, (read his story). Chancey turned into a beautiful lady, and we were able to take many pictures of her and put them on the website.

Chancey passed away September of 2009, and we want everyone to see what a beautiful lady she was. She may be gone, but she will not be forgotten! So we would like for you to check out Chancey’s Page, to share in the joy of our memories. There are lots pictures and facts about her.


Chaz was one of 2 boys we rescued from the Humane Society on half price day, the other boy was Chester. Chaz did real good with only four kitties in the house.  When we rescued Cheeta and Cheeto, Chaz made some changes for the worst.  He would not accept the 2 new boys and would hiss and growl at them all the time.  When our Daughter brought us the 2 new girls, you can imagine what happened to Chaz, he really got anxious, and afraid.  When Cheeta and Cheeto got bigger, and all the kitties were getting along, even the girls, we had Chaz who wouldn’t accept any of the 4 new kitties.

He growled and hissed at Cheeto and Cheeta, and would get chased down, even to the point of an all out fight.  Things just continued to go down hill, and we had to make a decision on what to do.  We had to give Chaz away, so he is no longer living with us. We did love him, and were very sorry to see him go, so we want to keep our memories alive of him.  He is not living with us, but he is not forgotten. So check out Chaz’s Page, and share some memories with us.