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Kitty Facts

Even though I’m the new kid, from this point on I’ll be taking over this website, and I’m going to do a good job! A little bit about myself, I was adopted from Citizens For North Phoenix Strays at the age of 4 months. I am really grateful for that. My late sister Chancey moved in the same time as Chipper II did, and for Christmas 2007, dad got Chat as a present, from his daughter. Let me tell you, there is a story behind that, ask me about it and I will tell you. You can check out My page for a closer look at me and my activities. Don’t forget to check out our In Memory page, for a look at those that are gone, but not forgotten,  You will find many wonderful pictures of us, and a few of Mom and Dad, but mostly us, if you have seen one picture of them, you have seen enough, but looking at kitties, never gets tiring. You can also Follow us on Google+ or Follow us on Facebook.

We kitties love attention, and seeing as you can’t personally pet us, we ask that you leave a comment for one of us, or all of us. letting us know what you think. I can get dad to read them to us all, and that way you will have personally given us some attention! Attention is the same thing as showing us some love, and WE LOVE IT!!!

I want to tell you about a feature we have here at Kittycatsrule! You can send e-cards to your friends and family for free. Each of us kitties have our own set of pictures for the cards, and you get to choose which kitty and what you want the caption to be, but I suggest you use us all! Take some time right now and visit Kitty Cats Rule E-Cards

Great news for all you cats and dogs our there, we now have our Kitty Friends page up and running! So if your mom or dad would be willing to send us your photo and a little information about you, we would love to add you to our Kitty Friends! Have them go to Upload Your Photo, and fill out the upload form with all the information then submit, and your photo will be added very shortly, with an email letting you know.

I’m a firm believer that every home should have at least one cat in it, you really don’t need any dogs, but that is up to the individual. In fact we have a cute sign that says, “Cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one”. This is so true! I ran across this cute story about someone wanting a kitten, and the process in which that came to pass. Enjoy the story about a FLYING KITTEN! They say God works in mysterious ways, well that’s a fact!

I want to share a lesson with all of you kitties and people out there, in the form of a story that will melt your heart, and bring tears to your eyes! It will cause you to look at yourself and decide who you really are. Are you real? Well, I’m here to tell you that “I want to be UGLY”. Be sure to grab a Kleenex, so you will have something to wipe your eyes with, and take the time to read the story, I Want To Be Ugly. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

If you have cats of your own, let me give you some information that could better your relationship. You can trust me, you could say it’s right from the horses mouth! Well, OK, right from the cats mouth. But really, have you ever heard anyone use that line before? No, I didn’t think so! Take notes and remember these important things!

  • Cats don’t like noise, so avoid:

           1. Blaring music!

           2. TV that’s too loud!

           3. Loud voices or screaming!

  • Cats and eating, watch these:

   1. Set a schedule for feeding (2 or 3 times daily)

           2. Stick to the schedule!

           3. Make it the same times each day!

  • Cats like a clean litter box, keep a daily cleaning routine.
  • Cats don’t like to be woke up from a sound sleep! Do You?
  • Cats don’t like car carriers, why, because you use them to take us to the VET!
  • Cats don’t like to be chased by loud unruly children.
  • Cats don’t like forced affection, a little goes a long way!

Chat, Chester,  Cheeta, Cheeto, Charli, Chanci and I would love to hear from all you cat lovers, and even your cats, come on, they always have something to say. I know I do! Don’t worry Dad and Mom read us our emails so we don’t miss anything. Also if you have a Google+ account, you can follow us on our new Google+ page, Kitty Cats.

Email your Meows to: chipsdesign@kittycatsrule.com

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